…if you love working with a top team, great international colleagues and world leading brands, in remarkable workspaces. Together we’ll pair disruptive creative ideas with the most innovative technology.

…if you want to evolve and grow with the help of your team by getting recognition that motivates and supportive feedback for your work whilst also by being coached and trained by professionals from different fields of expertise.

Check out the latest opportunities to join the team and let us know if you’re interested.

Job Offers
  • 01.
    Junior Project Manager (m/f/d)
    • You have an organising ability and you are not afraid to take the helm? Then become part of our project management team!
  • 02.
    Community/Content Manager (m/f/d)
    • You would call yourself a digital native and move self-confidently on Instagram, Facebook & Co. ? You are polite and quick-witted in every situation, insightfully and humorous and you know a thing or two about memes and trends on the web? Then become part of our social media team.
  • 03.
    Working Student UX/UI Design (m/f/d)
    • Are you looking for a new challenge and would like to strengthen and expand your initial knowledge in the field of UX/UI design? Then become part of our UX team!
  • 04.
    UX Strategist (m/f/d)
    • Do you know how to inspire users with creative ideas and exceptional digital brand and user experiences? Do you transform customer requirements and user needs into realisable concepts and work in a data-based manner, always thinking creatively in terms of user stories? Then become part of our team!
  • 05.
    Junior Art director digital (m/f/d)
    • You are talented in inspiring people with creative ideas and extraordinary designs? Then become part of our design team!
  • 06.
    Social Media Manager (m/f/d)
    • You would call yourself a digital native and you feel safe using Facebook, Instagram & Co.? You know the most popular influencer and are always up to date with current social media trends? Then become part of our social media team!  
  • 07.
    Junior Social Media Manager (m/f/d)
    • You would call yourself a digital native and you feel safe using Facebook, Instagram & Co.? You know the most popular influencer and are always up to date with current social media trends? Then become part of our social media team!
  • 08.
    Project Manager (m/f/d)
    • Are you an organizational talent and not afraid to take the helm? Then become part of our project management team! 
  • 09.
    Talent Manager (m/f/d)
    • Are you passionate about nurturing talent and supporting them to give their best and develop? Do you have a keen sense for identifying talent gaps and developing suitable systematic solutions to close them? Then become part of our team!
  • 10.
    Performance Marketing Manager (m/f/d)
    • Do you enjoy being responsible for the conception, implementation and analysis of marketing measures with the aim of increasing reach?



You are looking for something different or you have a special talent that wasn’t mentioned in our latest job offers?