News May 22, 2024 How AI is cooling the Sharp-Schrieber Marketing Framework Debate

We recently asked here whether the Sharp-Schrieber debate is still relevant in 2024. Today we look at the impact of AI on it. Our thesis: The Sharp-Schrieber debate, once a heated clash of marketing philosophies, is now cooling in the age of AI-driven martech. This technology is driving a convergence of approaches, centered on a more holistic understanding of …

News May 21, 2024 Sharp vs. Schrieber: Is This Marketing Feud Still Relevant?

It was the ultimate showdown: Sharp vs. Schrieber. Two camps on keys to marketing-led growth, each armed with data, vying for brand-building supremacy. But here’s the thing … the world’s changing. We at Davies Meyer have taken a closer look and want to share our thoughts with you. Professor Byron Sharp’s Ehrenberg-Bass model hammered home …

News April 15, 2024 Dive Deep into Hyper-Personalization at OMR 2024!

Ready to unlock the secrets of hyper-personalized marketing? Join us for our exclusive Masterclass at OMR Festival 2024 ( “From Mass to Me Marketing: The Future of Brand Experience.” Date: May 7th, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM Location: OMR Festival, Hamburg, Track 17, B4 Why Attend? Learn from the Best: Get insights from industry leaders …


Big news: Davies Meyer will be at this year’s OMR Festival! We’re excited to meet you in person, show you our latest AI solution, and introduce you to our team member Ai.den, among other things.

News June 8, 2022 The end of Universal Analytics: How to successfully switch to Google Analytics 4

No time to lose: Our head of digital strategy presents 4 key steps to successfully switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.

News June 8, 2022 How Google MUM is slowly revolutionizing search engine optimization (again)

In this post we explain the Google MUM search model to you and show you how to future-proof your search engine optimization strategy!

News May 16, 2022 Don’t be Mad about NFTs: Introducing our 1st NFT Collection

Thick and grumpy like the clouds over Hamburg: We introduce you to the Davies Meyer NFT collection, explain you how to get your hands on it and also tell you a little bit more about the world of NFTs!

News June 19, 2020 Webshop with Marketing and Reporting Services

We expand the webshop we build for you or your existing e-commerce infrastructure with a tailor-made end-to-end solution to include powerful marketing and reporting services. With these, you can safely guide users through the conversion funnel and turn them into customers.

News June 15, 2020 What is a Headless CMS?

This article gives you a short overview of what a headless CMS is, about its benefits and how it is compared to traditional CMS solutions.

News February 24, 2020 DAVIES MEYER awarded Gold Partner status by Magnolia

DAVIES MEYER’s new status as a Gold Partner recognizes the organization’s long-standing commitment to offering Magnolia’s content management system to help clients succeed in the age of omnichannel marketing and personalization.