Davies Meyer client Diamant Zucker awarded Sitefinity Website of the Year

June 9, 2022
Notebook with open client website and award logo

Oh, the sweet taste of success. Knowing that you built a great website is one thing. The client seeing vastly improved performance and being very happy is a second thing. Winning a Sitefinity Website of the Year Award in the category Consumer Goods & Services and having all the hard work you’ve put into a project recognized by fellow professionals – that’s a third thing.

Needless to say: We are super happy right now and of course also immensely proud of the whole team behind the project. The Sitefinity Website of the Year Awards recognize exceptional digital experiences for customers and users alike, each entry being evaluated across six categories of criteria – visual design, content, layout and navigation, complexity, innovation and significance.

A (sugar) crystal clear vision of the finished product

Having a well-defined goal is of great value in a project of such a scale. But this wasn’t our first rodeo! The communication with our awesome client Diamant Zucker went really smooth. We had a few top priorities: Enable Diamant Zucker to handle the content editing themselves, create a vibrant new user experience and design and enhance overall performance of the site in terms of page speed, security and many other things.

All of this – of course – in alignment with Diamant Zucker’s new brand strategy that really highlights how deliciously creative Diamant Zucker’s customers can be with the right products and a tiny spark of inspiration. As the new central digital communication hub, the website will enable Diamant to leverage their quality content to connect with the consumer in the critical consideration phase.

Of course, there was also a special technical challenge waiting for us: More than 2.000 pages in need of migration from the old CMS to Sitefinity. Spoiler alert: We solved that with a custom migration script. Done. 🤷‍♂️ (Developer’s note: It was NOT as easy as they make it look in this paragraph. 😤)

Not a secret ingredient, just the right one: Sitefinity

We could say quite a lot about this, but frankly: Sitefinity just fit the clients’ needs perfectly. It offers a secure, feature-rich platform with a very easy-to-use CMS backend that lets the client comfortably do their own client editing. Of course, the multisite support and the scalability of the system to support large amounts of content (we already mentioned the 2.000 page migration, right?) were also prime reasons for the choice.

In 2022 we plan to build upon this great foundation together with Diamant. We will add translations to existing sites, enhance the infrastructure setup and eventually also add a brand community to the site. All of these being challenges that Sitefinity allows us to tackle easily. This way we can focus on building solutions for our client instead of trying to accommodate special needs of a CMS.

What’s better than a Sitefinity Website of the Year Award?

Two things! First: An award that’s backed up by the numbers. With the new website Diamant drastically improved their performance both in terms of brand awareness and consideration. There was a 20 % increase in impressions, 40 % more users, 75 % more pageviews and a 25 % lower bounce rate as well as 40 % more newsletter subscribers and a total of 32.000 recipe downloads.

And the second thing that is better than an award is – naturally – your own award. So, if you want to win over new customers with awesome digital experiences and make your digital heart beat that much stronger: Just contact us.