UI Frameworks

a Basic Structure to Easily Create Your Online Presence
and Applications



UI frameworks provide a basic structure for creating consistent solutions to tackle common and recurring issues in the front-end web development. It provides a generic functionality which can be overridden for specific scenarios and applications, which greatly decreases the time required to start creating applications and websites. Modern UI frameworks also come with a specific grid system that supports building consistent mobile-first, responsive layouts and also allow for basic accessibility features.


Find out how Davies Meyer can help you to manage your experience with a cost free evaluation of your existing digital infrastructure.




Benefit from the proficiency of an experienced developer

With Davies Meyer, you benefit from a long-standing experience in designing, building, deploying and running various UI framework-powered websites for different clients.

In-depth support for selecting the right UI framework

Selecting the right UI framework can be challenging. We help you evaluate all important details before you decide for one framework over the other.

Easy set-up and smooth integration into existing projects

Speed is always an important factor. After the selection of a well-structured and well-designed UI framework, it can be smoothly integrated into your existing projects and will be immediately ready to use, so that you can keep development costs down.

Improved learning curve and reduced development time

Development speed depends a lot on finding required information in a short time. Well-documented UI frameworks are always more favourable as they make finding the information the team needs much easier and thus reduce development time and costs.

Long-term support and maximised performance

We continually follow the latest development of UI frameworks and also implement the latest features as soon as they become available to offer you a highly functional infrastructure. What’s more, we carefully examine the individual requirements of your projects and implement only those features that are needed to prevent a decrease in performance.


UI frameworks can be hosted on all standard web servers, virtual servers or cloud solutions like the Google Cloud Platform.

Why Choose Davies Meyer as Your UI Frameworks Partner:

  • Highly experienced Ui frameworks developer (Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, Materialize)
  • Holistic digital transformation expert
  • Data driven cloud first approach
  • Deep integration of complementary services: information architecture, UX design, content marketing, maintenance and data analytics
  • Agile teams, skilled workflows, resourceful project management
  • Transparent milestones and reliable cost proposals



With digital experiences becoming key competitive differentiators for modern businesses, the underlying architecture has never been more important.

Let us show you how we can together create consistent, mobile-first and fully responsive web applications and websites with a grid system that simplifies and accelerates web development, so you can keep your costs down.