Welcome to favorade, the mobile

engagement platform solution

for data-driven marketing

FAVORADE is a marketing platform specifically designed to create and foster connections by adding relevant extra value for your customers and thus increasing customer loyalty.

Get to know your customers by heart

You measure everything you can.

But how much do you really know about your customers?

While everything can be tracked and traced in the digital world, there is still quite a lot to learn about your new and existing customers.

For example who are they, what are their interests and product preferences, what kind of content make them engage?

Increase your marketing ROI by engagement and smart data

The traffic you create at all your digital touch points costs money and resources to establish. But what actually happens when potential customers visit your sites?

Studies show that less than 5% of visitors take action on websites. This means, many businesses are saying goodbye to over 95% of their potential customers.

Until today, the only measure has been to start all over again by investing more money in more marketing efforts with the aim of luring customers back, continuing a never-ending circle.

You have to break the circle and create more ROI out of your digital marketing and online presence.

Create dialogue instead of monologue

We at Davies Meyer are working with several Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative start-ups, continuously developing and optimising digital marketing strategies.

We can help your business, too, by introducing our mobile engagement platform, FAVORADE. Combined with social CRM capabilities, this unique marketing suite allows you to take control of data, engagement campaigns, content management, loyalty programs and costumer relationship marketing in one single manageable solution.

Make it about the customer and make it relevant

The basic idea of FAVORADE is a mutually interactive and supportive system of insight and engagement in coherence with loyalty programs, content management, brand management and marketing.

One objective of FAVORADE is to improve the customer and brand experiences by using customer profiles and insights to create individual relevant content that is based on segment and context.

Multilevel engagement modules allow for greater interaction and smarter targeting, giving you a deeper understanding of your customers. In this way, FAVORADE helps you to effectively meet all challenges in the ‘age of customer-centric marketing’.

FAVORADE is designed for effective governance across multi-brands and business units. Our plug-and-play solution is integrated easily into existing CMS and IT structure which ensures low friction and fast implementation.

The Davies Meyer in-house design team with excellent backing capabilities guarantees flawless custom design in your brand’s own look and feel.

Are you ready to turn your data into smart data and increase the time and frequency your customers spend with your brand?
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