Social Media News January 2023

January 13, 2023


The new year is here and a lot of businesses are rethinking their social media strategies,
including the best days and times to post on each social channel.

Exactly for this occurrence the team from Giraffe Social Media share their social media tips
in this infographic and cover the best days and times for social networks like:

• Instagram
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• And TikTok

Have a great start into the new year!


Growing the number of subscribers is always a long-term process and can look different on every
platform. But if you are particularly looking for a gain in subscribers on your YouTube Channel, we
highly suggest checking out this infographic, which was put together by the team from Sideqik.

In this infographic they share their YouTube marketing tips and cover a few things like:

• Add a pitch to your videos
• Add annotation links
• Use the right keywords
• Upload video transcripts
• Use custom thumbnails
• And many more

Check out the whole infographic here.

Instagram CEO outlines app’s key areas of focus for 2023

Even though Instagram has been highly criticized for losing its own identity in 2022 due to it
only trying to get closer to TikTok’s success, the last year has been noticeably successful
for the app, as it reached a new milestone of 2 billion monthly active users.

Therefore, the app is and will most likely remain a critical consideration for most
marketers. So let’s take a look at the Instagram’s key areas of focus in 2023 according to
Instagram chief Adam Mosseri:

1. Inspire people to be creative.
2. Help people discover things they love.
3. Spark connections between people.

With these in mind, we are curious to see what kind of surprises Instagram has in stock for
us in 2023 and what creators and advertisers make of these key areas.


A lot of controversy is surrounding Twitter since Elon Musk took over leadership everyone knows
about it. Therefore it is not surprising, that the head of the network wants to put users and advertisers
in a better mood by sharing statistics that show an all-time-high of new user registrations, an alltime-high in user active minutes and an higher number of monthly active users.

The issue? These statistics haven’t been officially published by Twitter itself, but only by Elon
Musk on his personal account, which leads to the question: Are these statistics real?

But even if the user numbers are rising just as Musk says, the social network is facing a lot more
problems. After all, Apple and other prestigious companies have paused their advertising on Twitter
completely. In Apple’s case, Musk hasn’t taken the pause in advertising very well, which resulted in
him publicly attacking Apple on Twitter and making various allegations against them.

Not the best way to convince his clients to start or keep advertising on his network.

Summing up, the chaos surrounding Twitter most likely isn’t over yet, which could be the leading
cause in a lot of businesses not spending any money on the network at this time.


Over 400 Million people worldwide use Pinterest on a monthly basis, which gives Pinterest
the perfect insights and enables it to filter for trends based on its user’s searches before
these trends go through the roof.

Thankfully Pinterest doesn’t keep its findings to itself and has therefore shared its 2023
trend predictions with us! Some examples for these trends are:

• Airy styles
• Micro makeovers
• Rainscapes
• And many more.

Learn more about Pinterest’s trend predictions for the upcoming year here.


Meta is improving and growing its AI options and has therefore launched a system called
Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

These campaigns “use AI to eliminate the manual steps of ad creation and automate up to
150 creative combinations at once”, as per Meta.

Meaning that these campaigns can be used as the perfect tool to introduce more automation
into every business size and drive traffic to an online store as well as increase sales in a
more effective way.

In order to take advantage of Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns the right way,
SocialMediaToday has collected some further information regarding these campaigns and
shows the reader how to properly set up said campaigns.

Best Practices


Sharing relevant company insights on a regular basis is
something the BMW Group has absolutely mastered on

With over 2 Million followers the firm has one of the highest
engagement rates on the platform and people seem to be
genuinely interested in BMW’s posts about employee’s
experiences within the business as well as updates on the
future of the car industry.

As one of the most favored employers, BMW has rightfully
invested into creating engaging content on the right platform.
Their follower and engagement numbers are simply proof of


Football is without question one of the most beloved and
watched sports in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that
the UEFA Champions League’s TikTok account is performing
through the roof.

The people behind this account have understood what TikTok
is all about and are sharing short sequences of
impressionable football moments and pair them with
trending songs and video edits.

And after watching a few of their TikToks we have absolutely no
trouble believing that even people who aren’t the biggest
football fans might find their videos enjoyable.

Well done!


The grocery market Rewe is going all in on Instagram!

By sharing easy and delicious recipes on a regular basis,
they are growing their audience by the day. Also, they seem to
be especially interested in appealing to a vegan and
sustainability-oriented audience, which seems to work out in
their favor!

Overall, their Reels and posts are highly engaging and look


Spotify deserves an honorary mention among our best practices as the app never
ceases to amaze its customers!

Always working on more ideas to fascinate its users, the Spotify team has introduced
Spotify Wrapped in 2016, a yearly review which shows the user their most listened to
band, song etc., a concept that a lot of users fell in love with and are looking forward to
all year long.

But Spotify isn’t stopping there! Since the beginning of the new year the app has
already released two new extras:

1. Spotify’s Playlist in a Bottle = Users can build a music time capsule, that will remain
closed till January 2024.
2. Spotify’s Instafest = The music streaming service shows the user their most listened
to artists and songs and creates a festival timeline for them.

With these ideas Spotify has proven repeatedly that there is no stopping its creativity
and we can’t wait for what the team will come up with next.