Social Media News June 2022

June 14, 2022

TikTok tests new subscription model 


We have been familiar with the subscription approach from other platforms such as Twitch and YouTube for a long time. According to Elisabeth Urban from t3n magazine, a similar model will now be available on TikTok. Initially, the new ‘Live Subscription’ feature will only be offered to selected creators. With a paid subscription, the community can then support their favourite creator and show their appreciation. However, there is one exception: Both, the creator and the subscriber, must be at least 18 years old 

Those who sign up for a subscription then look forward to exclusive services, such as emojis or chat options. It is not yet known how expensive a subscription will be – TikTok is probably taking its cue from Twitch and co. 

It is interesting to see that TikTok is now taking over features from other social media platforms. In the past few months, we have seen more and more how Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest in particular are taking their ideas from TikTok and copying formats. We are definitely curious about the future developments of the tech giant.  


Instagram’s new full-screen feed 


We all know that Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for uploading pictures of oneself. After all, the app promotes representing yourself and sharing your life with others. In the last two years, however, videos have also become increasingly popular on the platform. One thing is now supposed to improve the user experience even more and it reminds us strongly of Instagram’s competitor TikTok – A full-screen feed. According to Nicola Kiermeier from, the full-screen feed should strengthen video content and push the full-screen experience.  

It is therefore important for all companies and social media experts to pay more attention to the asset sizes when creating content. The 9:16 format is now becoming more important as posts go more vertical – by the way, on almost all relevant social media platforms.  


If you’re not yet up to speed with the new vertical content creation, you should learn quickly. The video trend and the mobile full-screen social media experience will probably remain important for a very long time. 


How to: LinkedIn 


LinkedIn is ideal for highlighting your brand values and finding the right employees. According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, employer branding can be a big challenge, especially in times of covid: there are new workplace rules, home office and the need for a work-life balance. So how do you approach marketing on LinkedIn the right way? 

LinkedIn has now published a case study of the brand NerdWallet and we would like to tell you the most important tips and tricks.  

Top performer posts are mostly those about office culture and entrepreneurial posts about social responsibility. It also helps to put your own employees in front of the camera and let them tell about what they like in the company and how the daily routine works. 

It is also very important to post regularly on LinkedIn to create general awareness. 


TikTok expands marketing programs for SMM 


From now on, TikTok social media management can be controlled via various other tools. TikTok has partnered with Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Khoros and others to simplify collaboration. This will make it easier for marketers to manage content across third-party platforms. Meaning videos can be scheduled and posted across various apps.  

According to Aisha Malik from TechCrunch, this has the advantage of making it easier to compare the performance on TikTok with other platforms. It also allows comments and messages to be tracked and managed across them. This could be a big advantage for brands and agencies. Hopefully, no comments will be lost and the contact with the community will improve.  


This new fusion could bring many benefits and make it easier to work with TikTok. If you would like to learn more about the third-party platforms we use, check out our LinkedIn account. 


Twitter communities 


Twitter communities are now available everywhere. The community function ensures that users can get together and exchange information on certain topics.  

Each user has the option to create their own community and set up their own rules there. The special feature is that only community members can reply to tweets, but every user can read and quote the tweets. All Twitter users can also report tweets inside a community.  

The new function is intended to promote one thing above all: exchange among each other. This means that people can find like-minded people and exchange views on favorite topics. According to Larissa Ceccio from, the communities are also important for getting new opinions on a certain topic and differentiating one’s own opinion. 

And these are a few of the already existing communities: 

– NFTs 

– Skincare 

– Cooking 

– Science 

Nothing interesting for you? Then simply create your own community 😉 


Shared stories on Snapchat 


Snapchat’s new ‘Shared Stories’ feature is pretty self-explanatory: users can now invite others to participate in their stories. According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, Snapchat is jumping in on the new trend of collaborative content.  

From now on when you create a story, you can indicate who you would like to collaborate with. Your friends and those you have tagged can then see the story. This way you can push your own story to experience more reach.  

The new function could lead to more engagement and interaction on the platform in general. So far, Snapchat has been good for communicating with friends. Many only use the Story function on Instagram and only occasionally on Snapchat. In recent months, we have also seen how much a hype there is for collaborative functions on different platforms. Just a few months ago, there were similar developments on Instagram and TikTok.  



Anna Lemke