Social Media News September 2022

September 5, 2022

TikTok tests new ’Nearby’ Content Feed 

Up until now TikTok has divided its video columns into ‘For You’ and ‘Following’. Soon, there might be an additional ‘Nearby’ column as it is being tested by TikTok users.  

In the new ‘Nearby’ feed, the user can discover content posted by users from the same location. This could be particularly interesting for businesses that rely on local audiences, such as restaurants and beauty salons. The content in the new column will of course remain adapted to the interests of the users.  

The idea of marketing on the ‘Nearby’ feed is being supported by additional data from Google, which shows that 40% of young people turn to TikTok or Instagram when looking for a place to eat. According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, this shows the enormous potential for TikTok marketing. Aside from that, you can already add your location to your TikTok. But so far it is unclear if that location tag will lead to the video being shown in the ‘Nearby’ feed.  

Either way, we are curious about how the new feature will spread. In our opinion, a ‘Nearby’ feed could offer great opportunities and will be appreciated by the TikTok community.  

Instagram User Engagement 

How does the Instagram algorithm for recommended posts work? 

Instagram users are increasingly seeing recommended posts in the Feed or on the Explore page. When the posts are displayed, the algorithm then distinguishes between subscribed and unsubscribed accounts. In our case, the unsubscribed accounts are more relevant.  

It is important that the user responds as much as possible to posts and content. This enables Instagram to provide appropriate recommendations. The prototype here is the Reels tab, where users are mainly presented with posts from other accounts. Only now and then you will see Reels from subscribed accounts.  

Reels are then differentiated and assigned according to interaction and topic, resulting in a weighting of relevant posts.  

According to Jan Firsching from Futurebiz, it is important for Instagram to ensure that the recommended posts are smoothly arranged in the feed. Following the ‘Feels Like Home’ approach, the recommended post should not disturb the user. 

Pinterest Marketing in times of Recession 

The budding recession is also showing itself in the social media marketing field. Consumers are gradually losing trust and we need to keep consumers spending. A recent Fospha report has shown that Pinterest is an up-and-coming platform for shopping inspiration. Another study by Neustar found that Pinterest users spend 80% more money each month than other people. Shopping carts are also 40% larger.  

According to Bill Watkins from Pinterest, you should stay patient in terms of conversions. Pinterest users who spend a lot of money take longer to make the final purchase. Therefore, you should wait a bit until you measure the conversion of your campaign. Give your buyers at least one week. Also consider the converters who take longer but probably spend more.  

Therefore, expand your attribution window. Instead of 1/1/1, try the 7/7/7 window and see if it has an impact on your conversions.  

So, it seems that Pinterest is a platform with a lot of potential even during the recession. Since it’s mainly inspirational shoppers that are on the platform, it’s very likely that there will continue to be a lot of purchases. But don’t forget: take your time with the evaluation. 

Instagram’s Candid Challenge 

A few months ago, we introduced you to the app newcomer BeReal. And indeed: The app is extremely popular amongst GenZ. On TikTok, for example you can find several videos of cool BeReal moments and reactions. The app therefore seems to have had a breakthrough. Apparently one more reason for Instagram to take a leaf out of the book.  

We know that Instagram likes to steal a few features from other competitors. Only recently, Meta had to backtrack when it talked about Instagram becoming more and more of a video platform. But now there are speculations that Instagram wants to introduce a new feature that looks suspiciously similar to the idea of BeReal. Users are asked to take an authentic photo within two minutes. The new Candid Challenge was discovered by Allessandro Paluzzi. According to Larissa Ceccio from, this is an initial internal prototype.  

As with BeReal, Instagram users will then receive a notification at an unspecified time each day to take a quick photo. The challenge photos will then appear on the story bar, as with BeReal, both the inner and outer camera are activated at the same time.  

It is ironic, how BeReal was an attempt at an anti-Instagram, with more authenticity and less fake. 

LinkedIn Campaign Tips 

As we already know, LinkedIn is the optimal platform for effective B2B marketing. However, it doesn’t have to remain as formal and boring as one would expect. Above all, skillful LinkedIn campaigns must be creative and innovative. But other aspects of the set-up are also important for success. 

Chrisitina Aechtner has compiled some tips for your LinkedIn campaign in a guest article for We have summarized the most important ones for you: 

  • Use the automatic maximum distribution in the bidding strategy. This will give you the best results with your budget! 
  • Use at least two ad variants for your campaign. This way you increase the performance and the algorithm finds the right ad for the user. 
  • LinkedIn ads can be more expensive than ads on other platforms, so keep in mind that you will have to expect and budget for higher costs. 
  • Set the duration of your ad to at least seven days. 
  • Draw insights from previous campaigns and plan new target groups based on them. 

Content Performance on Instagram 

Since August, Instagram publishes all videos under 15 minutes as Reels. By doing so, Instagram wants to put more content and awareness on Reels.  

In its new study, HypeAuditor examined how different content performs on Instagram. In doing so, they distinguished between: Image, Carousel, Reel and Video. 

By analyzing 77.6 million Instagram posts, they found that 22.1% of influencer posts are Reels. Still behind images and carousels. On the other hand, HypeAuditor showed that Reels are on the first place in terms of received likes and estimated reach. Nevertheless, only 41% of the analyzed influencers posted a Reel in July – even though you can achieve more reach and engagement with them.  

However, this analysis does not only apply to influencers. Although it should be noted that it is becoming increasingly important in influencer marketing to pay attention to the content that is being published.  

Therefore, brands and companies should also use the power of Reels and not underestimate them.  

Author: Anna Lemke