Social Media News August 2022

August 2, 2022

Instagram’s Creator Marketplace  

Earlier last year, Instagram announced that they were testing a new Creator Marketplace feature. Now the function is being rolled out to several active brands in the US.  

The Creator Marketplace is designed to help businesses to find the right creator for their brand message. Using the Meta Business Suite, filters can be applied to customize for specific audiences. According to Instagram, you can also filter by the creator’s audience. Additional columns indicate whether a creator is already following the brand or has already expressed interest in a collaboration. But the Marketplace goes even further than that. Once you have found a suitable creator for your campaign, you can plan and structure the project in the module. With its own message column, all the specifics of the collaboration can be handled directly in the marketplace.  

According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, the new function brings a lot of value – especially according to the new focus on Reels and Influencer marketing. 

We are curious if and when the function will appear on the global market.  

Facebook Trend Report  

Facebook has published a new trend report, drawing attention to new social issues. Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, social awareness for many different topics has increased. Equality and social empowerment are becoming more and more important. From its own analysis of anonymized user data and other global studies, Facebook is trying to put together a trend diagnosis for the upcoming months. We have briefly summarized the most important points for you: 

  1. Gender revolution

Gender equality also includes the acceptance of fluid identities. This means that gender-neutral marketing will be even more important in the future than it already is. Try to rethink outdated gender roles and step outside the box.  

  1. Authenticity

This trend not only shows beautiful faces to the outside world, but also describes an unadulterated self-image. This includes above all body positivity. The movement for a positive body image and more acceptance in society is gaining importance. In particular, brands that have a clear connection to fashion and beauty can win this trend for themselves. Because here, too, authenticity is important. 

  1. Imitation and challenges

Facebook has also been able to observe that short videos boost our creativity. Honestly, this is nothing new for anyone involved in social media, but there is one peculiarity here. The competitive urge of some people and the reputation to the public promote all those challenges and hashtags. This is where collaborations become more and more important. 

  1. Instant shopping experience

Shopping is becoming more of an online experience. Everything must be easy to find and, above all, uncomplicated to order. Everything you see, you have to be able to order with one click. In app shopping and live shopping are gaining importance. We must therefore ensure online that there is a seamless transition between looking and buying.  

You can find all the other topics here 👉  

Brand Building for B2B Companies  

LinkedIn is an important platform to start connections and bring the brand into focus. Therefore, marketing on LinkedIn should be more and more about brand building.  

A LinkedIn study has now found that 82% of B2B marketing managers consider brand building to be just as important as it is for B2C companies. And LinkedIn seems to perform particularly well for this kind of brand building. B2B companies are producing more and more similar content to B2C companies. Storytelling and creative videos are not to be neglected. A successful communication strategy can therefore be very effective for B2B companies.  

It turns out that emotional marketing, as we know it from B2C brands, is gaining a new importance for B2B brands. Business-oriented companies therefore no longer have to produce boring, fact-oriented marketing. As a result, we are seeing B2B brands more and more on social media. The brand wants to anchor itself increasingly in people’s minds and win over customers despite long B2B buying processes. According to Jan Firsching from futurebiz, brand awareness is therefore one of the most important goals in LinkedIn marketing.  

Facebook Feed Update  

From now on, the in-app experience on Facebook will be changing a bit as well. Similar to Instagram, the focus will be more on video content. Videos of your family and friends are being played separately from algorithmically selected videos. 

According to Sara Fischer of Axios Media Trends, Facebook is shifting from a social network to an entertainment platform like TikTok. The development is supposedly a reaction to new regulators regarding data privacy. This should give users better control over what they watch in the future.  

The shift to more video formats naturally includes more vertical features on Facebook. Users will then be presented with videos that Facebook’s algorithm believes they will interact with or enjoy.  

The biggest change is the separation of general content from family and friend content. According to Axios, Facebook is thus increasingly becoming a platform for shopping advertising.   

TikTok`s Live-Stream shopping potential  

We know that live shopping events have a great potential in terms of advertising and sales. TikTok has now published an infographic that shows us how to use the video platform for more shopping promotion.  

Live streams provide creators with more reach and interaction with the community. And TikTok seems to be the perfect platform for this. The infographic shows that TikTok users are 50% more likely to watch branded live content than other users.  

Another statistic shows why TikTok Live Shopping should not be neglected. Half of all TikTok users have bought something after watching a live stream. It is also interesting to note that TikTok users say that they prefer to watch TikTok lives hosted by creators. Even more than from celebrities or brand ambassadors. The most popular live topics are tutorials and product releases. But conventional live events, product sales and Q&As are also popular among users.  

All these points speak for more shopping advertising on TikTok. Our recommendation: If an event or product release is coming up, you should test the live function. Perhaps creators with whom you already have a cooperation with are suitable for testing.  

New: Creator-Codex  

Pinterest is a platform that is meant to inspire and encourage creativity. That’s why they now want to further curb negativity on their platform. With the help of a Creator-Codex, Pinterest should become a positive place that encourages and enriches 

During the covid pandemic, the idea of a Creator-Codex was born. Amid political happenings and a global pandemic. During this very time, Pinterest wanted to be a place where its users felt comfortable and supported.  

The Creator-Code sets the following rules: 

Be friendly: Your content should make everyone feel good and not exclude anyone 

Check facts: The information you publish must be accurate and true 

Watch out for triggers: be careful about possible sensitive topics 

Be inclusive: do not exclude anyone 

Don’t harm others: make sure your content is safe for others. 

Anna Lemke