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Reporting Approach

Continuous Business Growth with In-depth Analytics



At Davies Meyer, we are committed to data-driven marketing as we understand that making decisions based on data is the key to our clients’ success. Because every client is unique and has a specific catalogue of requirements that needs to be met, we aim to provide our clients with specifically tailored digital marketing strategies based on data analysis.

Defining goals and making milestones measurable

Only if you ask the right questions, you’ll get the needed information from your continuous stream of data. Collecting the wrong kind of data or not analysing it properly can lead to incorrect assumptions and faulty decisions. Defining objectives and placing the focus on what is most valuable for our clients is the first step. Choosing adequate KPIs will tell us what data needs to be tracked and how it should be analysed.

Collecting data

Gathering accurate data can be a long and difficult process. In order to achieve more in less time, we decided to speed up this process and make it easier and more efficient. Using the right tools allows us to pull all important data from different sources into automated reports.

Analysing data
Using analytical and statistical tools our primary goal is to discover useful information for maximising marketing effectiveness, reducing risks and identifying progress opportunities.

Tech stack

  • DM Tracking API provides you with the opportunity to better understand your customers by tracking their behaviour on your website.
  • Supermetrics is automation tool for integration with all marketing platforms that matter to you.
  • Cloud SQL is a fully managed database service that makes it easy to set up, maintain, manage, and administer your relational databases on Google Cloud.
  • BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse with an in-memory BI Engine and built-in machine learning.
  • R is a programming language widely used among statisticians and data miners for data analysis and statistical modelling.
  • Google Data Studio is a visualisation and reporting tool, and an integral part of the Google Marketing Platform. It allows for an enhanced approach to decision-making, allowing your entire organisation to readily access and use marketing insights.



Benefit from the proficiency of an experienced developer and data scientist

With Davies Meyer, you benefit from a long-standing experience in designing, building, deploying and running various Nexus-powered websites for different clients.

Continuous content quality improvement

To learn what content performs best provides you with the opportunity to improve your marketing campaigns in accordance with customers’ ever-changing needs.

Reach the right people through the right channels

With analytics and reporting solutions provided by Davies Meyer, you can identify your target audience’s preferred communications channels and use the right marketing strategies to ensure you’ll reach your users with your messages.

Make your campaigns more personal

Gain important insights about your customers and create experiences that are tailored to their needs.


Find out how Davies Meyer can help you to manage your experience with a cost free evaluation of your existing digital infrastructure.


Why Choose Davies Meyer as Your Partner for Analytics and Reports:

  • Highly experienced in creating detailed reports with all the information you need
  • Google-certified expert for reporting
  • Holistic digital transformation expert
  • Data driven cloud first approach
  • Deep integration of complementary services: information architecture, UX design, content marketing, maintenance and data analytics
  • Agile teams, skilled workflows, resourceful project management
  • Transparent milestones and reliable cost proposals