Google AI and Machine Learning

Serverless, Seamlessly Scalable
End-to-end Data Management and Analytics



AI Platform brings the power and flexibility of TensorFlow, scikit-learn and XGBoost (libraries) to the cloud. We can use AI Platform to train your machine learning models using the resources of Google Cloud Platform. In addition, we can host your trained models on AI Platform so that we can send them prediction requests and manage your models and jobs using the GCP services.
We can help you start building your machine learning projects using AI Platform Notebooks. We can scale up model training by using the Cloud ML Engine training service in a serverless environment within GCP. Cloud ML Engine supports popular ML frameworks or lets us run your application within a Docker image. It also provides built-in tools to help us understand your models and effectively explain them to business users.
Once we have a trained model, Cloud ML Engine offers two types of predictions to apply what the computer learned to new examples: online and batch predictions.

Mobile apps using ML

Building a mobile app? Try ML Kit for Firebase, which provides native Android and iOS SDKs for using Cloud services, as well as on-device ML Kit’s APIs and on-device inference using custom ML models.
ML Kit comes with a set of ready-to-use APIs for common mobile use cases: recognising text, detecting faces, identifying landmarks, scanning barcodes, labelling images, and identifying the language of text. We simply pass in data to the ML Kit library and it gives us the information you need.

Google Machine Learning APIs

Google Cloud Machine Learning APIs are an efficient way to automate workflows with Google’s cutting-edge speech, vision, video intelligence, or translation capabilities. These machine learning powerhouses are pre-built and work with popular programming languages, so there is no need to build systems from scratch.

Cloud Vision API
Integrates Google Vision features, including image labelling, face, logo, and landmark detection, optical character recognition (OCR) and detection of explicit content into applications.

Cloud Speech API
Uses fast and accurate speech recognition to convert audio, either from a microphone or from a file, to text in over 80 languages and variants.

Natural Language API
Analyses the structure and meaning of text, including sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and text annotations.

Translation API
Translates text from one language to another.

Dialogflow API
An end-to-end development suite for conversational interfaces (e.g. chatbots, voice-powered apps and devices).

Cloud Talent Solutions API
Brings machine learning to the job search experience.


Need a customized solution? AutoML enables you to train high-quality custom machine learning models.

Vision: allows us to train and deploy low-latency, high accuracy models in the cloud or on edge devices for you.
Video Intelligence: train custom models for label detection, shot detection and object tracking.

Natural Language: enables you to create custom machine learning models to classify English-language content into a custom set of categories.
Translate: lets you to create your own, custom translation models so that translation queries return results specific to your domain.

Structured data
Tables: we can automatically build and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models on structured data at massively increased speed and scale.


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Benefit from the proficiency of an experienced developer and data scientist

With Davies Meyer, you benefit from a long-standing experience in designing, building, deploying and running various AI-powered websites and solutions based on machine learning for different clients.

State-of-the-art machine-learning models

Trained, ready-to-use solutions or customised training for specific use cases. You can benefit from machine learning in web applications, campaigns and mobile apps to create individual experiences for your customers. You can also gain more personal access to your customers by creating chatbots.
What’s more, machine learning helps you cluster your content and users. You can predict your users’ customer lifetime value and churn probabilities, moreover you can also predict other metrics that are relevant to meet your business needs.

Serverless approach (Google Cloud Platform) or on-premises hosting of selected services

Serverless approach (Google Cloud Platform) or on-premises hosting of selected services

Easy integration of products/services into broader workflows

Client libraries available per API in multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Objective-C, Dart, Node.js and Go.

Solutions for an end-to-end data management and analytics

Get a better understanding of your user base and their interests, gain insights of hidden clusters of similar users. You can also gain a better understanding of interaction between your content, audience and external factors, which enables you to offer your users relevant content. What’s more, you’ll benefit from automatically provided insight into user generated content, improving moderation and community management.

Why Choose Davies Meyer as Your AI and Machine Learning Partner:

  • Highly experienced AI and machine learning developer and data scientist
  • Holistic digital transformation expert
  • Data driven cloud first approach
  • Deep integration of complementary services: information architecture, UX design, content marketing, maintenance and data analytics
  • Agile teams, skilled workflows, resourceful project management
  • Transparent milestones and reliable cost proposals



With digital experiences becoming key competitive differentiators for modern businesses, the underlying architecture has never been more important.

Let us show you how we can together utilise Google’s Google AI and machine-learning solutions to provide you with a highly scalable, serverless solution for end-to-end data management and analytics.