Davies Meyer stößt mit Champagnerkreide auf neue Alpina Feine Farben Kampagne an

Davies Meyer celebrates with champagne chalk the launch of the new Alpina Fine Colours campaign.

For the premium “Fine Colours” range from wall paint market leader Alpina Farben, we have developed a wide-ranging digital campaign. The focus of the new campaign is the high quality and high-end matt colour effect. The lead creative spot is a 30-second video that can be found on YouTube Ads and other internet sites.

We have been custodians of the Alpina colour brand since 2014 (DAW SE) and have already been involved in the introduction of Alpina “Fine Colours.” Now, five years later, Davies Meyer and Alpina are back to repeat our initial successful launch. Our first campaign, which worked through close influencer collaborations and innovative storytelling, helped us quickly gain market leadership in the “ready-mix” paint category. The new campaign will further expand Alpina’s position as number one. In order to achieve our campaign goal, we placed the special promise of quality of the Alpine brand in the foreground. In our new visual, which hails from the beauty world, we focus on the high quality of the new selected ingredients.

Spot as a centerpiece of the campaign

In order to make Alpina’s unique product quality emotionally tangible, Davies Meyer devised a 30-second spot: The special colour effect of the bestselling colour shade “Melody of Grace” is depicted in a camera movement in interplay with the perfectly coordinated interior of a living room. Slow-motion close-ups are used to display the high-quality ingredients of the wall paint and to dynamically display the champagne chalk and colour pigments. CGI animation provides the perfect finish with the gold Alpina “Fine Colours” metal tin.

“Digital only” for our target audience.

The campaign only makes its appearance online, as the trendy topic of the interior is now driven almost exclusively on the web by bloggers and influencers. This enables a target-oriented approach and direct forwarding of the prospective buyers to the Alpina Fine Colours Landing page, where trend-conscious colour lovers can order their personal colour charts. The campaign can be found online as TrueView Ad and Bumper Video Ad on YouTube, in Special Edition (PageSkin Plus Superwide & Branded Interactive Video Ad) on the marketer pages, and in Google text and Display Ads. Davies Meyer is also responsible for the implementation and distribution of the campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.