October 10, 2022

Haspa 5 € Social Media Challenge

5€ Challenge

Expensive big city life? Not necessarily!
For Haspa, we roamed the streets of the Hamburg districts with only
5 in our pockets – and still there was a lot to discover. Of course, we caught our little adventures on camera and packed them into handy 30-second clips. The clips, in which we presented a Grindel University Special, St. Pauli, St. Georg, Altona, Barmbek, and Billstedt, among others, then ended up on Haspa’s social channels. 

For each clip, we picked up the 5 in proper style at a Haspa branch in the respective district. Each district was in the spotlight for a month and received four clips dedicated to it, presenting a colorful program from restaurants to culture and sights. For Haspa, of course, it is also the perfect opportunity to present their HaspaJoker: an account that, in addition to the numerous advantages of Haspa banking, also offers discounts on many cultural and gastronomic offers in Hamburg. 

Little dough, huge impression!
The community enjoys the content almost as much as we do: On Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, the views are increasing exponentially– on TikTok, there are even more than 150,000 for particular clips. For us, this is a great sign that sometimes it just takes the right idea. And ideas (as well as their implementation) are known to be our business. For this idea, in addition to content strategy, filming, and post-production, we also worked closely and well-tuned with Haspa in a spirit of trust. We are already looking forward to the next project!