November 19, 2019

INDOLA Social Media Campaign “Color Transformer”


Social Media Campaign "Color Transformer"

The creative transformation of the “Color Transformer” is in our hands. We are giving the INDOLA hero product a new digital look and strengthening it with an independent communication strategy as an add-on to the PCC permanent colors. More colorful and creative, we communicate the “Color-Transformer” to its B2B target group of professional and mobile hairdressers and meet them where they get the inspiration for their work – on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. For these channels, we created high-quality assets that not only inspire our customers during the campaign period from September to December 2019, but also explain the use of the product in detail, e.g. with step-by-step stories. The right mix not only pays off when it comes to hair dyeing: With an average CPM of 0.61 on our YouTube Bumper Ads and 0.57 on our Facebook and Instagram ads, we used the budget efficiently and made the campaign a great success.