April 2, 2020

LAY’S Strong Digital campaign „Perfect with beer“

LAY’S Strong
Digital campaign „Perfect with beer“

Chips that go perfectly with beer: A dream comes true! But how do you get the fiery-hot Lay’s Strong out of the niche and create incentives for all beer lovers? With a simple but clever mechanism, we strengthen the bond between the brand and the enjoyment of beer. So that in the future a bag of Lay’s Strong will go into the shopping cart for each sixpack of beer. Emotional and funny comparisons like “Lay’s Strong belongs to beer, like white socks belong to sandals” are shaped by short video assets with bold headlines and visuals in the minds of consumers, thus creating awareness for the Lay’s Strong brand. The nine assets we created were mainly distributed via Instagram in ad, story and feed format – where the target group of 20-35-year-old beer drinkers is most concentrated. Targeting, as perfect as the foam crown of a beer advertisement, pays off: our strong performance with the key indicator brand awareness proved the success of our campaign in the commissioned Brand Lift Study. We celebrate with an after-work beer and a bag of Lay’s Strong!