May 26, 2020

Social Media Strategy & Management


Social Media Strategy & Management

With a new digital strategy, Spee wanted to reach its young target group (students, 20-35 years) and get consumers to talk about the brand again: be funny, cheeky, and trend-conscious in order to generate awareness. The brand with the “smart way to wash” needed an agency that communicates in a “smart way” on social media.

Our idea: Show consumers why it is smarter to wash with Spee. Spee is the smart way to wash because it fits perfectly into the smart life of young people: it’s cheap, effective, and straightforward.

Visually and in terms of content, Spee was linked to a smart, young lifestyle. The social media posts pick up on humorous content, trends, or hacks that show how the young target group is living their lives in a smart way. Since the start on Instagram, many new followers have been won in a short time – and we have only just started.