August 1, 2023 Social Media News Summer 2023

This week’s social media news is your compass to the latest trends. From META’s Threads app emerging as a Twitter rival to Snapchat’s successful Snapchat+ service and Instagram’s enhanced tools, we explore the forefront of platforms. Notably, a new AI task force marks a pivotal shift. Guided by these advancements, we distill the best practices …

Juni 19, 2023 Social Media News Juni 2023

In the ever-evolving world of social media, innovation is key. This week, we’re looking at the intersection of AI and social media‚ÄĒfrom Meta’s AI focus and TikTok’s AI profile pictures, to Pinterest’s streamlined pin creation, and YouTube’s restrictions on ad-blocker users. We’ll also highlight TikTok’s mental health resources, discuss free business promotion on social media, …

September 5, 2022 Social Media News September 2022

Summer is coming to an end, but we still have the hottest Social Media News for you! ūüôĆ

This month we’ll show you how Pinterest marketing works in times of recession, what the latest changes are on Instagram and how to get a LinkedIn campaign up and running, among other things.

Enjoy the read!