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UX Design never was about understanding the users and getting them from a to b with the best-fitting information architecture. It is not about a beautiful interface appearance and it is not about digital journeys that make you wow.

User Experience Design, that is not the thing where strategists are thinking about the best-possible user flows over and over and over again; where passionate creatives are manic about planning the most exciting animations nor is it about geeky frontend developers creating powerful interactions. This is not about websites or apps nor is it about smart devices and IoT. And of course, it never was about even so much more than just visual interfaces. Not voice nor deep learning nor augmented reality. UX Design is not what we understand as a way of seeing the chances in digitisation for our real lives. It’s not where we are feeling our heartbeats as zeros and ones.

UX Design is nothing of this. But it’s all of this together. And so much more.


UX Design at Davies Meyer is...


We don’t want to work for you. We’d love to work with you to get the on-point solution for your challenges. By organizing workshops and trainings and by working with collaborative and communication-based tools like Figma and Usersnap we’re creating a high level of transparency. Our strategists, the design department and our development are like open kitchens to you. You are always involved whenever we do an important step heading for your user’s best journey.


Only by understanding real user needs we can create beautiful experiences that will lead to your success. We do not draw one pixel before we did not understand the target audience perfectly. We use pure data analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) and behavioral user analyses (e.g. crazyegg) just like interviews and surveys to define empirical blockers and hidden potentials in current user journeys. Methods like Personas and Journey Maps help us to create inspiring new user flows.


We have a vision for groundbreaking user experiences: Seamless and fluent on any device in every size. We love to be one step ahead to enter the future a little bit more with every platform we create. We work with the most innovative interaction design tools like Figma and ProtoPie to create agile Atomic Design Systems for your brand and magnificent transitions to add the cherry on the cake. You wouldn’t call it just a website if you see it.

Based on Design Thinking

Even the best idea can be miss understood by some users. To identify stumbling blocks we use the method of Rapid Prototyping to prove user flows with representative testers. To get the same understanding of a project that is not finally developed yet, we use scribbles, content maps, wireframes, interactive click dummies and animated prototypes. And if only one test user still has got an issue with the user flow, we recreate and test it over and over again.

A never-ending learning experience

Technical environments and user behaviors are changing permanently. So we believe that we need to define data driven KPIs to be able to readjust our initial setup all the time. We constantly use A/B testings to improve conversion rates and user successes. But even more important: We don’t stop auditing ourselves and we keep on learning. To create the best user experience for your customers.


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