March 7, 2023 Social Media News March 2023

Hello Social Media Marketers! Spring is coming and we hope all your content crops on LinkedIn, Instagram, TiktTok and Co. are growing well. Here are some tips to make them blossom that much more!

February 2, 2023 Social Media News February 2023

Hello Social Media Marketers! We hope your new year started off in an amazing way, with lots of fun new projects and experiences. While it’s still a bit cold over here, we are not taking a break from supplying you with the hottest social media news. Get ready for a tasty and informative morning crunch on what’s happening in the world of LinkedIn, TikTok, Meta & Co.!

January 10, 2022 Social Media News January 2022

A lot of News for New 2022.

December 2, 2021 Social Media News December 2021

To encourage more interaction with Instagram stories, Instagram has now released this new feature. 

November 1, 2021 Social Media News November 2021

Instagram introduces a new feature for scheduling live streams. This will allow businesses to better communicate the live streams with followers and potentially increase viewership.

October 4, 2021 Social Media News October 2021

With the help of Facebook and Instagram Ads and the right know-how, you can easily jump on the e-commerce train.

September 1, 2021 Social Media News September 2021

Instagram launched link sticker.


August 3, 2021 Social Media News August 2021

Remember Clubhouse? The audio app with its exclusive invite-only approach?
That’s all going to be changing from now on.

July 2, 2021 Social Media News July 2021

Since January, there has been hype going on in Germany surrounding a new social media platform called Clubhouse.

June 2, 2021 Social Media News June 2021

Pinterest has decided to not call their Stories, Stories anymore. Instead, the platform is introducing “Idea Pins”.

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