One Framework for

Mobile and Desktop



Angular is a progressive, open-source and client-side application framework designed to create rich, modern, reliable and fast UI experiences. It can be implemented for use on multiple platforms: web, mobile and native desktop. Angular’s universal approach allows you to serve the first view of your application on Spring Boot, PHP, and other servers for near-instant rendering in just HTML and CSS. The framework is popular with a multitude of users, because it is actively maintained and has a large community and ecosystem led by the Angular Team at Google.



Benefit from the proficiency of an experienced developer

With Davies Meyer, you benefit from a long-standing experience in designing, building, deploying and running various Angular-powered websites for different clients.

Dynamic content in an app with maximum flexibility

Designed for the primary purpose to create single-page web applications, Angular provides a wide range of tools for SPA development. It also allows for dynamically changing content, reacting to different user behaviour and preferences. Any component changes will automatically be applied to different environments.

Progressive web app

As a new application model, Angular offers a combination of regular web pages and a mobile application. This way, users can enjoy the advantages of features offered by most modern browsers together with the benefits of a mobile experience. This includes fast loading times and the possibility to work offline, smooth animations and scroll movements, seamless navigation even in flaky networks, and full access via the home screen and the reception of push notifications.

Enterprise web app

Angular contains all the features needed to develop large-scale projects: autocompletion, advanced refactoring, and navigation. What’s more, thanks to the architecture of this tool, you can easily reuse and maintain code, significantly reducing development time.


Angular can be hosted on all standard web servers, virtual servers or cloud solutions like the Google Cloud Platform.


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Why choose Davies Meyer as Your Angular Partner:

  • Highly experienced Angular developer
  • Holistic digital transformation expert
  • Data driven cloud first approach
  • Deep integration of complementary services: information architecture, UX design, content marketing, maintenance and data analytics
  • Agile teams, skilled workflows, resourceful project management
  • Transparent milestones and reliable cost proposals