November 30, 2022

Advent calendar promotion for Haspa

Small Haspa Advent calendar with a big effect!

Finding the right Christmas content can sometimes be a real pain. Not too much, not too little, not too hackneyed, but still with a feel-good and recognition factor. For a company with such regional roots as Hamburger Sparkasse, the connection to its local customers is of course particularly important. 

There were two important requirements for the campaign strategy: Link to the HaspaJoker Advent calendar (HaspaJoker is a special value-added checking account from Haspa) and focus on Advent Sundays, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The first ideas quickly trickled out of our gray cells! 

With the nostalgic snow globe as the central visual, we were able to naturally set a new focus for each post, highlight special prizes from the HaspaJoker Advent calendar and, above all, create the really cute Hamburg Christmas worlds that you can see in the slider above. 

Shake and be amazed! 

With a reach of more than 1.2 million and more than 2.4 million impressions across all campaign channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), Haspa’s Christmas communication caused quite a stir. Did the people of Hamburg remember any of it? Since we only used video assets, the average video duration is a good indicator. On Facebook and Pinterest, the average was so high that the most important information, such as individual winnings, could be absorbed by the target audience. 

 All in all, a successful campaign that fits in perfectly with Haspa’s many good collaborations. Especially at Christmas, quality sometimes counts more than quantity.