January 13, 2022

Diamant Zucker Website Relaunch

Too sweet: our website relaunch for Diamant Zucker

With its sugar brand „Diamant“, Pfeifer & Langen offer a huge variety of sugar specialties – the range being constantly expanded and refreshed. Thus, it was high time to make the „Diamant Zucker“ website shine as well! 

At first site on the homepage, visitors discover the three worlds of enjoyment: „Jam”, „baking“, and „beverages“. To whet their appetite right at the start and make them want to discover more, videos of the respective topics are dynamically integrated into the experience.  Many products are shown in their new packaging with various illustrations and images. Playful, enjoyable, high quality, likable. In the magazine section of each world of enjoyment, consumers will find interesting and helpful articles on preparing, baking, sweetening, and gelling. 

The new recipe section of the website is also very user-friendly and comprehensive: filter and intelligent search functions make it much easier for the user to find the desired recipe. If you want further information on local or tropical fruits, then take a look at the seasonal calendar, which can also be downloaded or added to the personal iCal. 

As part of the „Gelling Season“ campaign, Davies Meyer created the „Konfitürator“. With this gelling tool, enthusiasts can put together and refine their very own jams and fruit spreads. In order to show all the love involved in making jams and fruit spreads, consumers can print out various labels on the website. 

For those who want to discover more of the „Diamant Zucker“ brand world: You can easily subscribe to the online shop, social media channels or the newsletter, which then delivers sweet inspirations directly to your inbox every month.