Digital festival “#HairdressersUnited”

Schwarzkopf Professional
Digital festival "#HairdressersUnited"

Hairdressers are particularly hard hit by global retail and service restrictions. As part of the various digital measures that we developed for Schwarzkopf Professional, the first 24-hour live hairdresser festival was also launched. #HairdressersUnited 

On May 5, 2020, the festival offered hairdressers worldwide the opportunity to get in touch with Schwarzkopf Professional, INDOLA, Authentic Beauty Concept, STMNT and the ambassadors of other brands, to be inspired by them with ideas and tips on hairdressing, grooming and style. A total of 41 artists from 19 countries took part in the digital festival. 

In addition to the concept, Davies Meyer’s logo development, creative ideas, design of the various assets (image and video) for the social media channels and media planning were also taken over and got implemented.