March 4, 2024

HaspaJoker start

The cool bank account for young investors: HaspaJoker start

With a nationwide network of 100 branches in the metropolitan region, the Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa) is clearly an institution. Every second person in Hamburg is already a Haspa customer. 

But what about the next generation, and how do we inspire Gen Z and young Hamburgers to open an account at Haspa? Quite simply, with a creative concept for a 360° social-first communication strategy to launch the new product HaspaJoker – a checking account for teenagers and young adults aged 12 to 30. 

Our goal was to create a communication that would authentically appeal to Hamburg’s youngest residents, as well as to those in their mid-twenties and even their parents – in order to attract new customers and make the Haspa youth account known throughout Hamburg. 

 Next-level banking 

For the young target audience, it was important that the access to HaspaJoker start was designed with a mobile-first approach right from the beginning. We focused on cool assets, e-sports elements, exciting challenges, and lots of creative ideas. And of course there was also something for the parents. 

Several AI tools, such as StableDiffusion and Wonder Dynamics, were used to create the look and feel of the gaming elements. 

And the result? Impressive numbers. We generated over 24 million impressions, 186,000 interactions, and more than 85,000 link clicks.

Double Award Winner 

With the Haspa Joker Start campaign, we impressed the jury of the DPOK (German Prize for Online Communication) and won awards in two categories (Multichannel Communications and Financial Industry).