Social Media News Januar 2020

Januar 21, 2020


In 2019 the “Deutscher Marketing Preis” (DMP) has been awarded to Katjes. Katjes is a confectionery producer who focuses on veggie and vegan products and especially addresses women that are interested in conscious nutrition but also like to eat sweet things sometimes. The marketing campaign “jes! Alles Veggie!” focuses on emotional themes and content that is important for the target group e.g. factory farming. Katjes convinced the jury with their credibility and attitude. Their commercials are known as offensive, brave and emotional.

The newest tv spot has been released in October and presents Katjes first vegan chocolate “Chocjes”. The commercial criticizes factory farming of cows and shows an alternative to milk: oats. The company also focuses on sustainable ingredients and the packaging of the product.



As a company or brand, it is important to know how to get ahead of your competitors. The following social media trends inspired by and might help you to stay up-to-date and to stand out of the mass.


Trend #1 TikTok as part of every marketing strategy

In 2020 marketing strategies not only concern Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube but also TikTok. As a rapidly growing platform, it’s going to be a serious competitor for all social media platforms.


 Trend #2 Video, AR & VR

Video content is one of the most pleasant types of content. That’s why it’s getting more and more important. According to a Cisco-study 82% of online content is going to be video content until 2022. But not only video content is getting more important. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are going to revolutionize the mobile business in 2020.


 Trend #3 Artificial Intelligence

In 2020 the integration of AI will move forward and the use of it during the workday will increase. Experts see great potential in marketing strategies and content creation with AI.


 Trend #4 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has never been more popular. In 2020 influencer marketing is no longer macro but micro. Why? Micro-influencers have communities that are more credible and have a higher engagement per follower.


 Trend #5 User-generated content

User-generated content appears authentic and trustworthy. New platforms like TikTok provide this kind of content for free.


 Trend #6 Social Commerce

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are already used from brands to sell their products. Social commerce is the best way to become a retail channel that is comparable to websites and offline stores.



Social media wouldn’t be as much fun without GIFs. The format’s ability to create repeating animations is still very common in Instagram stories and generate reach.

To create your own GIF, it’s important to set a goal first. When is the GIF supposed to go live and which channel (e.g. the Instagram stories) should be visually dominated by it? It’s easier to create a GIF when there is a specific theme or event.


The following 5 steps will bring you closer to a viral GIF:

  1. Define your target group

Who should use your GIF? It’s most important to reach users who reach most of the potential customers.


  1. Look for existing GIFs

What kind of GIFs does already exist regarding the theme or event? You can search on Giphy for the ones with the most views. Those will give you an insight into what kind of GIFs perform best.


  1. Design and animate your GIF

The most important question: What should the GIF look like? Your GIF should differ from those that already exist. Ask yourself in which environment it’s supposed to be used. What kind of stories are the users going to make?


  1. The perfect timing

Tip: Publish your GIF neither too early nor too late. The perfect timing depends on your usage. If you’re looking at a temporary event you might release the GIF a few days before it starts.


  1. Create a buzz

When your GIF campaign launches it can be helpful to follow accounts that were set as the target group and which are likely to upload stories from the event. Also, follow popular hashtags regarding the event and ask your own followers to send screenshots when they see your GIFs in action.



Johanna Leffers

Marie Krebs