Social Media News May 2023

May 3, 2023

This week we’re shining a spotlight on the latest developments and trends. We’ll explore LinkedIn’s new custom CTA buttons and BeReal’s fresh elements to retain user interest. We’ll also look at Pinterest’s 2022 Inclusion and Diversity report, and share news about select retailers testing the TikTok Shop feature. The recent changes in WhatsApp’s multi-device usage and Twitter’s pricier verification for advertisers won’t go amiss. As always, we’ll wrap up with a handful of best practices. Prepare for a whirlwind tour of the current social media landscape.

New custom CTA buttons on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has introduced new custom call-to-action (CTA) buttons for its Premium members, allowing them to customize the buttons that appear on their profile pages.

As of now, members with the premium subscription can not only choose from the already existing pre-defined set of CTAs that includes “Contact” and “Follow”, but they now have the option to add any of the following six buttons:

• Visit my store
• Visit my website
• View my portfolio
• Visit my blog
• Request a consultation
• Sign up for a demo

This new feature can help users to better showcase their skills and services, and to make it easier for potential clients or customers to take action and get into contact.

Another positive aspect of this feature is that members don’t have to limit themselves to one button but can add up to 5 custom buttons in their profile page. These can always be edited or removed at any point in time.

BeReal introducing new elements to maintain user interest

As some might have noticed, the hype around BeReal has been stagnating in the last couple months. While it is still going strong with the younger parts of the GenZ population, even the older GenZ are slowly starting to lose interest.

In an effort to attract and retain users, BeReal has therefore introduced several new features:

• a chat function that allows users to have private conversations with their friends and
• a “memories” feature that lets users look back on their posts and interactions over time
• a new “Stories” feature which allows users to share short updates with their followers

But that’s not all, BeReal has made several other changes to the platform, including a redesigned interface and improved search and discovery tools. The company has also announced plans to launch a “creator program” that will provide support and resources for content creators on the platform.

Despite these efforts, BeReal faces an uphill battle in the crowded social media landscape, where established platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter dominate. The company will need to continue innovating and improving its platform if it hopes to attract and retain users over the long term.

Pinterest 2022 inclusion and diversity report

Pinterest has released its 2022 Inclusion and Diversity Report, which outlines the company’s progress towards building a more diverse and inclusive platform. The report includes data on the gender, racial, and ethnic makeup of Pinterest’s workforce, as well as information on the company’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in its products and services

According to the report, Pinterest has made progress in increasing the representation of women and underrepresented minorities as women now make up 48% of Pinterest’s global workforce, up from 45% in 2020, and underrepresented minorities now make up 12% up from 10% in 2020

Pinterest has also introduced several new features and initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion, including the well known “Creator Code” that sets standards for positive and inclusive content, and a new feature that allows users to search for skin tone ranges when looking for makeup and beauty inspiration.

But even with all these efforts, Pinterest still wants to acknowledge that there is still more work to be done to build a truly inclusive platform. The company plans to continue investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, including expanding its recruiting efforts to reach more diverse talent, and increasing the representation of underrepresented groups in leadership positions.

Selected retailers test TikTok shops

A select group of retailers has been invited by TikTok to participate in an expanded push to promote its eCommerce offerings as the company is planning to launch an updated version of its “Shops” feature, which will allow brands to create in-app storefronts where users can browse and purchase products directly within the app.

The new version of Shops will include several new features, including:

• a customizable storefront design
• a “collections” feature

Brands will also be able to connect their TikTok Shops to their own eCommerce websites, allowing users to seamlessly transition from browsing on TikTok to making a purchase on the brand’s website.

As the Shops feature has already been tested with several brands, including Hype and Walmart, TikTok is now expanding the feature to a wider group of retailers. The company has not yet announced a full list of participating brands but has said that it will focus on brands that are “authentic and community-driven”

Multi-device WhatsApp usage on the horizon

A major update to WhatsApp’s platform has been announced, that will allow users to log in to their accounts on multiple devices at the same time!

Previously, WhatsApp accounts could only be logged in on a single device at a time, which could be a limitation for users who wanted to switch between their phone and computer or tablet.

The new feature, called “multi-device support”, will allow users to link up to four additional devices, including desktop computers and tablets. This means that users will be able to use WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously, without needing to constantly switch back and forth.

According to WhatsApp, the multi-device support feature is designed with privacy and security in mind. All messages and calls will be end-to-end encrypted, and users will have control over which devices are linked to their account.

The new feature is currently being tested with a small group of users and will be rolled out to all WhatsApp users in the coming months.

New verification process for Twitter advertisers

Twitter will be launching a new verification application process for users who wish to obtain the blue checkmark on their profile

In order to be prioritized for the verification, the account will have to be “active and in good standing” as per Twitter. Users will also need to provide a variety of information, including a profile photo, bio, and links to their website and other social media accounts, as well as a valid email address and phone number.

Twitter has also announced that it will be charging a fee for some types of verification requests, such as those from businesses, brands, and organizations. The fee has not yet been announced, but Twitter has stated that it will be “adjusted periodically to account for shifts in the market demand“ which might result in quite high prices.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the move to charge a fee for verification has drawn criticism from users, who argue that it could create a barrier for smaller businesses and individuals who cannot afford to pay for verification.

Best Practices

Nyx on Facebook

As a professional make-up brand, the content that NYX posts on Facebook emulates a luxurious beauty retailer and the use of masterclass videos highlights their expertise within the industry even more.

They also use their page tags wisely and label themselves as a make-up artist due
to their user-generated and own created looks that they share. This means their
page has a great reach on the platform. Additionally, they engage in discussions
within the comments, which helps to establish the community feel.

Oreo on Twitter

Oreo is known worldwide and offers different products in different markets, making its social promotions very complex

Cleverly, the company uses its products to jump onto reactive trends that are common themes on many other social networks. From the promotion of pumpkin-spiced products aimed at those who love autumn more than summer to the party cheesecake recipes, Oreo produces the perfectly desired content.

On Twitter, Oreo creatively uses threads to post competitions such as word searches and crosswords, which is a brilliant way of increasing engagement. Using innovative new ways to promote its products, Oreo really stands out for how they have modernized Twitter.

The Washington Post on TikTok

Newspapers are dying out, but The Washington Post isn’t ready to throw the towel just yet.

By posting funny and engaging videos on a regular basis on TikTok, they keep their 1.6 Million followers entertained.

These videos of course always contain a splash of the most important or talked about news from around the world, to stay relevant and true to the newspaper’s informative nature, just like the video on the left about the coronation of Prince Charles.

Netflix on LinkedIn

As one of the most popular subscription streaming services, it might come as a surprise that Netflix has such a huge following on LinkedIn.

When taking a closer look, it becomes clear that it is due to Netflix’ ability to share engaging content that resonates with professionals in the entertainment industry. The company shares updates on its latest projects and initiatives. Additionally, Netflix uses LinkedIn’s various tools and features to reach a wider audience and engage with its followers as much as possible.

This has helped the company to establish a strong brand presence on the platform and connect with professionals in the industry.