Social Media News November 2022

November 10, 2022

Boost Ad Performance on TikTok 

TikTok now makes it easier for businesses to boost their ads. With an automatic process, the performance of your ad and your marketing will be achieved in the best possible way. The accountability lies on the machine learning process of TikTok. Machine learning is a constantly improving process that improves and learns a lot. As a result, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time on the Smart Performance Campaign. According to TikTok, this could be especially helpful if you are not yet familiar with TikTok’s targeting system or if you have few resources for placing ads.   

According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, it is not yet possible to know how the Smart Performance Campaign is delivering and what results it is getting. According to TikTok however, there has already been an early testing phase that showed that the automated campaign surpassed manually set up campaigns in terms of performance.  

Are you interested? Contact your TikTok partner and see if you can already test the feature. 

BeReal vs TikTok Now 

And the BeReal hype continues to grow. In the meantime, the app has already overtaken Instagram in terms of weekly downloads in the USA. Even TikTok has already been surpassed by the new trend app.  

According to Jan Firsching from futurebiz, this hype can be compared to Clubhouse – although Clubhouse had better numbers than BeReal at its peak. The question is: Will the big hype of BeReal continue or is the success now flattening out? The reason for this could be TikTok’s new feature TikTok Now. This means that BeReal now has some serious competition 

As of September 28th, BeReal was in second place in the AppStore in the “Social Networking” category behind TikTok Now. This suggests that TikTok Now could also become more successful than the original in the future.  

According to TechCrunch, BeReal user numbers are currently at 20 million daily users. It shows that BeReal is experiencing steady growth. In July 2022, for example, there were only 7.9 million users. But TikTok Now has also taken off quickly. And the big advantage: TikTok Now is part of TikTok itself and thus has immense power. The link also makes it easier to establish contacts or to place notices in the original app.  

According to Jan Firsching, the success of BeReal automatically led to competition. Now the newcomer app just has to prove itself against the big platform gatekeepers.  


We like to use hashtags in any kind of post. On LinkedIn it’s not uncommon for people to use hashtags in their posts either. A study by Agorapulse has now shown, among other things, that these have hardly any effect on the performance of the post.  

For the study, around 40,000 posts from the DACH region were analyzed. In addition to the postings, the study also looked at comments, shares and likes. The result: In the German-speaking region, videos perform best in terms of engagement. Globally, pdf and text posts generate the most interaction. Although these are not published most frequently.  

On the contrary, photo posts are the most popular on LinkedIn. This shows that we should drastically change our posting ratios on LinkedIn. So, instead of photos, rather texts or videos. According to Hannah Klaiber from t3n, a lot of potential is thereby being wasted for the company. 


If you use LinkedIn actively or want to start using it actively, you should pay more attention to your posting format. Next time you post, leave out the hashtags and go for videos. 

YouTube rolls out new Features 

From now on, YouTube has a new look for its interface. In addition, there is now a pinch-to-zoom feature, a new dark mode, ambient mode and other aesthetic changes.  

The new pinch-to-zoom feature ensures that users can now zoom in on videos. The feature was already available for premium users since August, now everyone should have the possibility to zoom in. Ambient mode is supposed to ensure that the app background changes according to the video being played. 

Of course, the new changes have primarily an aesthetic reason. Nevertheless, YouTube shows that it wants to develop further and bring the in-app experience to a new level. New buttons are also meant to provide better watch time and prevent distractions. According to Lauren Forristal from TechCrunch, the iconic `SUBSCRIBE` button will soon no longer be bright red, but black and white. 

Instagram’s official Creator Portfolio 

Instagram has made Influencer Marketing even easier: In the future, creators will be able to build a media kit with a ‘Creator Portfolio’ option and advertise their audience, reach and brand work.  

Here’s how it’s supposed to work: Creators build their own portfolio in the app. Under “Professional dashboard”, previous work and other sections are then displayed. Similar to a CV. This should give influencers more marketing opportunities and help them sell themselves better to companies. According to Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday, this could be an invention by Instagram to prevent creators from migrating to TikTok or YouTube.  

‘Creator Portfolios’ are also supposed to be another step in suggesting new content to users from creators they don’t follow. This should increase the reach of creators as well as the overall engagement on Instagram.  

For Instagram, this could be a way to compete against TikTok and YouTube. Whereas TikTok is still very popular amongst creators and YouTube is very convincing with its new monetization plans. From next month forwards we will be able to see which creators already have a Creator Portfolio on their profiles.  

New Monetization Opportunities for Creators on TikTok 

First YouTube, now TikTok. From now on, influencers can earn significantly more money with TikTok. The new monetization plans for YouTube Shorts could have been the trigger for this. Last month they made it much more attractive for creators to switch to their platform. 

Now, top influencers on TikTok with more than 100,000 followers will be able to earn from ads that are played in the vicinity of their videos. According to Niklas Lewanczik from, creators can earn up to 50 % through the so-called Pulse program. With it they can earn approximately as much as on YouTube.  

Creators who are eligible for the Pulse program receive a message from TikTok, as social media expert Matt Navarra shared on Twitter as an example. However, there are other conditions to be complied with by influencers. They must be at a minimum of 18 years old and have posted at least 5 videos within the last 30 days.  

There is an additional note from TikTok: Even if you’re selected for the program, it doesn’t directly mean you’ll make money from it. So maybe this move was just a stopgap measure by TikTok to prevent its creative and well-known creators from migrating over to YouTube Shorts 

Author: Anna Lemke