Webshop with Marketing and Reporting Services

June 19, 2020

Our Webshop Solutions with Marketing and Reporting Services

For 10 years, e-commerce has been the dominant business model. Due to constant technological improvements and growing customer interest in buying goods and services online, more and more companies have recently started offering their goods and services in webshops.

As a full-service agency, Davies Meyer offers you a holistic approach in the field of digital marketing – with an interdisciplinary working development department and creative teams.

We accompany you through all the necessary steps: from the creation of your high-performance webshop to an appealing presentation of your brand and your offer through social media and Google advertising, from lead generation and conversion of leads into customers to complete cross-channel marketing automation and personalised user experience with corresponding individual offers.

What’s more, we make sure that you are always up to date: By configuring a dashboard for data overview from various sources involved in the process, you can make your decisions in a data-driven manner. In addition, you can conveniently track all process steps in real-time and receive periodic or campaign-specific reports.

An experienced team consisting of UX designers, copywriters, social media managers, front-end and back-end developers, security specialists, and data scientists is at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made end-to-end solution for your e-commerce needs.


Your Webshop Options

We offer you three solutions for your webshop:

  • If desired by you, we can build our marketing and reporting solutions around your existing webshop.
  • Alternatively, we can offer you the migration to a new webshop.
  • If you want to build your webshop from scratch, we can offer you a tailor-made solution for your requirements


Your Advantages with Our Marketing and Reporting Services

These are the advantages of our marketing and reporting services around your webshop:

  • Create attention for your brand and your products
    Present your brand, products and promotions, ensure exact positioning and reach specific target groups and lookalikes via various digital marketing channels.
  • Enlarge your target group and generate leads
    Create a strong connection with your target group and generate valuable leads. Use the lead forms on landing pages for this purpose.
  • Turn leads into customers and increases your sales
    Retarget your leads, visitors and prospects who have seen your ads back to your webshop, turn them into customers and increase your sales.
  • Enable data-driven decisions and act on insight
    Check the setup and impact of your campaigns, conversion rates, traffic and its origin, the user behavior of your visitors/customers and their interest in the products offered.


Suitable channels for your advertising measures:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google ads
  • YouTube
  • Other social media networks and digital platforms that are useful for your business


We offer our marketing and reporting solutions in two packages:


1. Basic Package

Our basic package offers you the most important benefits, services and structures that you need to expand the functionality of your webshop:

  • Branding, UX design and copywriting for your marketing content
  • Digital marketing solutions to generate leads and convert them into customers as well as to retain existing audiences and customer base
  • A comprehensive overview dashboard for a data-driven business


2. Premium Package (with marketing automation from Mapp)

Our premium package offers you a number of attractive added values resulting from our cooperation with Mapp, our marketing automation partner:

  • All components of the basic package
  • Complete email and SMS marketing automation, either scheduled or triggered by user interaction
  • Integration of a complete database of user behavior of customers leads and anonymous visitors on your landing pages and in your webshop in real-time
  • Enabling comprehensive marketing analyses and cross-channel customer engagement
  • Segmentation, based on complete user behavior, customer preferences and transactions in your webshop
  • Personalisation of marketing content and offers based on independently selected offers in defined segments
  • AI solutions and machine learning solutions: personalisation through a recommendation system, churn management and prediction, customer lifetime segmentation into “high”, “medium” and “low”


Let’s Get Started

Learn how Davies Meyer can enrich your business with a new webshop or upgrade your existing webshop. We help you to direct traffic to your site and generate leads, attract new customers and retain existing customers – thus increasing your sales!


How to Best Take Advantage of a Webshop Combined with Our Marketing and Reporting Services

  • Make your products and services more easily available through a webshop
  • Increase awareness of your brand and products
  • Reach a larger audience and generate leads
  • Convert leads into customers and increase your sales


Why Choose Davies Meyer as Your Webshop, Marketing and Reporting Partner:

  • Data-driven cloud-first approach
  • Expert for holistic digital transformation
  • Agile teams, efficient workflows and resourceful project management
  • An experienced team consisting of UX designers, copywriters, social media managers, front-end and back-end developers, security experts and data scientists
  • Transparent milestones and realistic cost estimates
  • Cooperation with Mapp, our marketing automation partner, in the creation of our premium offers


What’s Next?

With digital experiences becoming key competitive differentiators for modern businesses, the underlying architecture has never been more important.

Let us show you how we can work together to build your webshop and establish an end-to-end digital marketing solution to generate leads and increase your sales. Alternatively, we can build marketing automation and lead generation solution around your existing webshop.

Contact us and let us start!


Attila Fesus