March 22, 2022


Alete Bewusst? Yes, naturally!

Alete products have one purpose: To prepare babys of all ages for a conscious and responsible diet and make them appreciate healthy and good food. Alete creates their meals carefully, with variety and balance being the two most important pillars of their product philosophy. Full meals, snacks or yummy desserts: The broad assortment of Alete bewusst offers something for every taste.

We highlighted the incredible diversity and quality of the Alete bewusst product range with a professional foto shooting where we produced high quality images, videos and even some stop motion material. Most of the content is headed for Alete’s social media channels where it will surely grab the attention (and stir the appetite) of audiences big and small.

Our closing thoughts: An amazing project for the colorful world of Alete bewusst where we did not only get to create some very cool content, but also were able to let out our inner child a little.