Frag Team Clean

Frag Team Clean
Henkel Laundry & Home Care

Ambitious eCRM project with a content & community core

Of course: Grandma’s notebook with all of her cleaning tips is the holy grail for home care. But for everyone thinking about a more modern approach, there is the service portal “Frag Team Clean” by Henkel Laundry & Home Care (LHC). Every day the more than 1.000 articles help to keep thousands of homes nice and clean.

Of course the content is both useful to the community and also contributes to the Henkel LHC brand and product portfolio. Product tests, raffles and special events introduce them to all of the different Henkel LHC brands. And you know the saying: Not everything that glitters is gold. But “Frag Team Clean” is definitely also gold on the inside. The powerful eCRM system Adobe Campaign Standard generates valuable insights from every interaction that help us tailor the experience of the website exactly to the community’s needs. Of course, the content is also distributed via various social media channels where the brand enters into an even personal dialogue with the community.

Bright future: Service Portal & Brand Hub all in one site 

The portal is also continuously evolving both thematically and technically. Sustainability is becoming more and more important and “Frag Team Clean” is helping households to become more environmentally friendly. In terms of technology the integration of an eCommerce shop makes conversions from community members to customers even easier. And the future holds a lot more: Thanks to the big success of “Frag Team Clean” the plan is to grow it into the official customer care portal for all LHC products and brands.

A truly diverse and exicting project that benefitted from the close collaboration between us and Henkel LHC. Together we make their brand shine during every step : Content creation and distribution across social channels, generation of visual assets and managing as well as evaluating all data of the eCRM system.