November 7, 2022

MILRAM launches vegan products

MILRAM makes you crave 100% plant-based products!

One way today, another tomorrow. And why not? Just enjoy life the way we like it. Sweating in tights or chilling in sweatpants? Movie night or binge marathon? Meat lover or happy without meat? We can be and do whatever we want. 

With this attitude, MILRAM 2022 established its new 100% plant-based products in the young target group and made the campaign claim WAS GEHT? WAS SCHMECKT! for them to experience. Whether chocolate and vanilla pudding, rice dessert or cocoa drink – the vegan varieties are great tasting and appeal to vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians alike.

This? Or That?

Based on the concept of the PR agency Pony & Blond, we developed a landing page on which we presented the new 100% plant-based products – also with the support of prominent influencers. But the highlight of the site was undoubtedly the MILRAM Inspirator! Anyone who clicked through the five lifestyle “THIS or THAT” questions received an inspiring influencer video at the end and the chance to take part in the competition. From longboards to van weekends, everything was up for grabs. 

The campaign not only ran on the website but also on the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and was also included in the MILRAM newsletter. 

And what did it taste like in the end?

The 100% plant-based varieties have found their way into the heads, fridges and kitchen cupboards of MILRAM fans. Thousands of users clicked through the landing page and the MILRAM Inspirator and celebrated with us the start of a new product era.