November 30, 2022

Shell Café relaunch with brand new branding & packaging

Shell Café: Always worth a break

Plain old gas station coffee? Not at all! Shell’s major rebranding of deli2go as Shell Café shows that the last stop on the way to your holiday can easily compete with top dogs like Starbucks or Coffee Fellows when it comes to coffee enjoyment – and is always worth a break. 

The new look of the Shell cafés under the claim “Always worth a break” naturally includes new packaging. Shell offers everything a coffee lover’s heart desires in exquisite quality, and this should be noticeable at first glance. It’s a good thing that we have such a diverse team of design specialists at Davies Meyer and that we are able to implement customer wishes outside of the digital world with ease and in the highest quality. 

Whether it’s the new exclusive Shell Café Blends or Condiments and College Cards: We have dressed the entire range of coffee, tea and other products in muted shades of green and brown and given them a clear design language. All the important information is presented directly to the viewer without overwhelming them with unnecessary elements.

Of course, a relaunch like this involves more than just new products in new packaging: We also created all POS communications, including recipe cards and outdoor visuals that make a break at the Shell Café even more appealing. 

For an agency, every coffee project is a matter of the heart anyway and we also had a lot of fun with this episode in the haptic world. Some things are just irreplaceable.