March 4, 2024

The Plantly Butchers – Billie Green Website & Launch

Green cause, strong cause: triple package for plant-based protein specialists

The Plantly Butchers, a new up-and-coming developer and manufacturer of 100 % plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan protein products that are free from additives*, has launched the “Billie Green” brand. Our task was to deliver a comprehensive digital communications package for the launch, including an informative website, an accompanying social media flight, and email marketing. 

Let’s go vegan 

For the launch in Veganuary 2023, we developed a confident web presence with the authentic look and feel of the brand, where flexitarians, vegetarians, and vegans could learn more about Billie Green’s philosophy and products. The eye-catching social media campaign with customized always-on content on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ensured a high level of awareness among the target audience. In addition, a personalized mailing informed people of the launch so that they could mark the date in their calendars. 

The result: a total reach of 14.2 million with a total of 83.3 social media impressions and customers storming the supermarkets and clearing shelves for the product launch. Even Billie Green’s marketing and sales team had to pitch in to meet the demand.  

* “Free from additives” means that The Plantly Butchers does not add any additives that require an E-number, such as preservatives, artificial colors, or thickeners.