TRUST MESSAGING – How WhatsApp and NFTs help brands build trust.

March 22, 2024

Community managers have to manage communities. The problem with that: communities do not like to be managed. Along the lines of JFK’s famous speech: Ask not what your community can do for your brand – ask what your brand can do for your community.

For example:

-> Help them find the best solutions for their specific issues.

-> Show appreciation through benefits such as previews, loyalty programs, and discounts.

-> Create an inclusive environment where members can network and encourage dialog on topics that go beyond your brand.

But the question remains: How and where can we best do this in times of content inflation? In this context, two new approaches have emerged that look very promising.


People tend to trust more when they are in direct contact with other people. WhatsApp is not only the most widely used voice messaging service, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to implement the „Direct Trust Messaging” campaign in 2024.


First they were IN. Then they were OUT: NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Now they are back – as a unique gratitude tool.

The rationale: Giving customers a reason to be grateful is a win-win situation. Customers benefit from a brand’s gratitude in the short term – and brands reap the rewards of their loyalty. NF tokens allow you to manage gratitude campaigns – rather than communities.

How will you drive trust for your brand in 2024?

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