February 2, 2022

MILRAM Easy Cheesy

Find your perfect cheese match – with MILRAM!

Rousing consumers’ interest in cheese in a playful and emotional way? Nothing easier than that! MILRAM has become more and more creative in recent years to make the younger audience more excited about cheese. This year, a campaign was created that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the young target group.  

Nowadays, the following question is becoming more and more important: „Match or miss?“ Reading this, the first thing you probably think of is a polarizing dating app. But don’t panic – MILRAM uses this simple mechanic only to introduce users to their great love of cheese.   

Based on the concept of the PR Agency Pony & Blond, we set about digitally developing this extraordinary Easy Cheesy campaign. Users are now spoilt for choice between a vast number of cheeses. From gentle and down-to-earth to ripe and rustic, the MILRAM cheeses make your heart beat faster. 

With a click on the heart or X, the participants can browse through the cheese profiles until they find the cheese which takes them to cloud nine in terms of taste. And not only that: On top of that you get tasty recipe ideas and the chance to win one of four Easy Cheesy blind date boxes with great prizes. From Pizza Night to Dinner Date and Super Snacks & Movies to Breakfast-Love – there’s something for everyone. 

The campaign is not only played online and on the website but of course also on all common social media channels.