November 14, 2022

Alete bewusst – Social Media Campaign for Snacks

Alete bewusst – Social Media Campaign for Snacks

Media campaign for fruit & veggie snacks by Alete bewusst
Under the Alete brand – Alete bewusst – Alete develops new tasty and healthy products for children (which adults also enjoy
😇 as we know from reliable sources). In 2022, Alete added new arrivals of fruit and vegetables to their range. The gently freeze-dried snacks in organic quality and without added sugar are ideal for letting the little ones snack and nibble something during the day with a clear conscience. 

Our task was giving Obsties and Gemüsies a brilliant start in the market with a large-scale media campaign and, if possible, a regular place in the children’s (and parents’!) hearts. The goals were clear: maximum visibility and reach whilst creating significant buying interest. 

Media strategy: an old acquaintance and new ways
Facebook and Instagram were clearly in focus and were each used with two flights. The assets for flight #1 were intended to familiarize the target audience with the product, and flight #2 was directly targeted at buying interest. Here, the campaign achieved very good results with 6.3 million unique users reached and a 4.6-point increase in brand awareness in the Meta Brand Lift Survey.  

The second part of the campaign took place on YouTube and TikTok. YouTube proved to be too fiercely contested to achieve the desired campaign goals with the set budget. In consultation with the customer, we therefore dynamically adapted the campaign and shifted the budget to the meta-channels in order to benefit from the better conditions there. 

TikTok was a new path for the client, where we were able to score points with our expertise from numerous other campaigns. The expectation of high reach at comparatively low costs was met with over 6.6 million impressions at a CPM of € 1.05. In addition, we gained some useful insights about the Alete target group through the campaign performance on TikTok – e.g., an unexpectedly good performance among male users –, which will be incorporated into future campaigns. 

All in all, it was an exciting and fully satisfying project for us and the customer. It shows once again how important it is to adjust media campaigns in an agile way on a solid data basis, and that the well-founded „experimentation“ with new channels pays off.