Social Media News February 2, 2023 Social Media News February 2023

Hello Social Media Marketers! We hope your new year started off in an amazing way, with lots of fun new projects and experiences. While it’s still a bit cold over here, we are not taking a break from supplying you with the hottest social media news. Get ready for a tasty and informative morning crunch on what’s happening in the world of LinkedIn, TikTok, Meta & Co.!

Social Media News January 13, 2023 Social Media News January 2023

We start the new year off strong! 6 exciting social media news and a variety of best practice showcases by brands you love await you in our inaugural 2023 news.

Social Media News Uncategorized December 8, 2022 Social Media News December 2022

SOCIAL MEDIA PREDICTIONS FOR 2023 Andrew Hutchinson from SocialMediaToday has compiled the Social Media Predictions for 2023 for us. We want to share some of these with you: Facebook Avatar Integration We know that avatars will play a big role in Zuckerberg`s metaverse. It could be that these figurines will also be used more often …

Social Media News November 10, 2022 Social Media News November 2022

Once again, we have the latest social media news for you.

This month we’re talking about new monetization opportunities on TikTok, the new Instagram Creator Portfolio and recommendations for your LinkedIn content.

Social Media News October 5, 2022 Social Media News October 2022

Want to take a short break? Stay up to date with our monthly social media newsletter.
This month, we’re talking about new BeReal features, changes on Instagram, and recommendations for Meta content, among other things.

Social Media News September 5, 2022 Social Media News September 2022

Summer is coming to an end, but we still have the hottest Social Media News for you! 🙌

This month we’ll show you how Pinterest marketing works in times of recession, what the latest changes are on Instagram and how to get a LinkedIn campaign up and running, among other things.

Enjoy the read!

Social Media News August 2, 2022 Social Media News August 2022

In honor of summer, we’ve rounded up the hottest Social Media News for you this month!

This month we’re talking about the new Facebook Trend Report, B2B marketing on LinkedIn and Instagram’s new Creator Marketplace.

Web3 July 20, 2022 A puzzling concept: Explaining the metaverse and why we should be excited for it

Are you wondering if the Metaverse is worth your attention – or maybe even just what it is? Davies Meyer has all the answers for you. We help you evaluate the position of the metaverse in the technology landscape, understand what it’s all about and what the big players are trying to do right now.

Social Media News July 9, 2022 Social Media News July 2022

It’s time again for your monthly social media news. 😍

This month we have exciting topics for you: TikTok Trend Discovery helps you find the right TikTok trend, Meta plans new monetization opportunities, Instagram offers new creation features, and more. 🙌

Social Media News June 14, 2022 Social Media News June 2022

Need a social media update again? 🙌

This month’s newsletter is all about the new Instagram Full Screen Feed, developments for social media marketing on TikTok and Twitter communities.

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